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BitchX Windowing Commands

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BitchX windowing (/window)

BitchX has the ability to create windows which you can use for different purposes.

Example: /window new double on hide channel #BitchX

/window new (create a new split window)
/window new hide (create a new hidden window)
/window kill (gets rid of current window)
/window double [on|off] (turns on or off double status bar)
/window channel [#channel] (Join #channel in current window)
/window bind [#channel] (Binds #channel to current window)
/window unbind [#channel] (Unbinds #channel from current window)
/window level [level] (Only show LEVEL messages in window)
/window move [number] (Move current window to window number [number])
/window size [lines] (Sets current window to # lines)
/window swap [window] (Swap to window number [window])
/window next (Move to the next window)
/window previous (Move to the previous window)
/window balance (Balances the displayed windows)
/window fixed [on|off] (Turns window sizing options on/off)
/window hide_others (Hides all windows except the current one)
/window log [on|off] (Turns on/off logging for current window)
/window server [servername] (Connect to a new server in current window)
/window discon (Disconnect window from a server)
/window show [num] (Makes window [num] visible, also a way to swap back to the top window of a splitted window)
/window split [on|off] (Turn on/off the thrid status line on top of screen (topic))
/window show_all (Makes all hidden windows visible)
/window grow [#] (Grow a split window by # of lines)
/window shrink [#] (Shrink a split window by # of lines)
/window back (Will swap you back one window, or to the lower window in a split window screen)

Available window levels are listed below, along with what they catch:

CRAP (anything that doesn't fix in other levels, like whois, who, etc)
WALLS (IRCop /wallop messages)
SNOTES (Server Notices)
USERLOG1,2,3,4 or 5 (???)
KILL (Kill messages)
KICKUSER (Kick messages)
TOPIC (Topic messages)
PUBLIC (Public channel messages)
WALLOPS (Channel WALLOP messages)
ACTIONS (/me type actions)
BEEP (Any text with ^G BEEP character)
MODEUSER (User mode changes)
MODECHAN (Channel mode changes)
PARTS (Channel parts)
JOIN (Channel joins)
HELP (Any type of help messages)
MSGS (/msg type messages)
NOTES (????)
DCC (DCC messages)
TCL (Messages from the TCL subsystem)
INVITES (Invitations to other channels)
NOTIFY (Notify messages, ie: user is online, etc)
NOTICES (/notice type messages)
OPNOTES (IRCop Notifications)
CTCP (CTCP messages, ie: ping, version, etc)
SEND_MSG (Sent /msg's to other users)
KICK (Channel kicks)
DEBUG (Internal Debug messages, when /set debug 1)

[window shortcuts]:
^W- - Shrinks current window 1 line
^W+ - Grows current window 1 line
^Wm - Moves current window down 1 line
^Wl - Lists current windows
^Wk - Kills current window
^Wh - Hides current window
^Wb - Balances window sizes
^Wn - Swaps to next window
^Wp - Swaps to previous window
/# - Shows window number (1-4)