HowTo: Virtual Dub Procedure

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HowTo: Virtual Dub Procedure


This procedure outlines how to use Virtual Dub to convert the video captured from an ATI TV card, into a DivX format. This tutorial assumes you have the necessary codecs installed.

Virtual Dub Instructions
Remove commercials/Encode 2 DivX procedure

- start virtual dub
- open up file to edit
- cut out commercials:
[home] - start of selection
[end] - end of selection
[delete] - delete
arrows move 1 frame at a time
page up/down move bunch of frames at a time

- click: Audio->Full Processing Mode
- Click: Audio->Compression
- select 'Lame MP3' entry on the left
- then select '44100 Hz, 256 kbps CBR, Stereo' on the right
- click 'ok'

- click: Video->Full Processing Mode (usually already selected)
- click Video->Compression
- Choose 'DivX 6.1.1 Codec' on the left
- click 'ok'

- click: File->Save as AVI
- Enter the new filename.

Important: For TV shows, make sure you use the following format:


Example: 'TheSimpsons-BartVsAustralia.avi'

- click: File->close video file
- delete the source file from Local Docs
- move the new file over to newmedia